Teardown Reports – Client Defined

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While MSW Analytics focuses our teardown devices and data collection to our five channels;
  • Mobile Phones
  • Notebooks / Tablets
  • Wearables
  • Home / IoT
  • Medical

MSW Analytics provides two (2) types of client defined teardowns;

  • Exclusive
  • An exclusive client teardown is one that is defined by the client and proprietary to the client. It will never appear in a channel for public consumption though MSWA may use the data developed from the teardown in other device analyzes

  • Sponsored
  • A sponsored client teardown is also defined by the client but it meets two (2) criteria. First the client agrees that it can be published in one or more of the standard MSWA Channels after an exclusive period of 3 months. Second, the teardown is applicable to at least one of the standard channels. Sponsored teardowns will be discounted since they can be published in a channel after the exclusivity period and the data derived from the device analysis can be used in other analyzes

We have the capability and interest in analyzing virtually any device a client may have. No project is to small or to large for the MSWA analysis team.
Please contact MSWA at sales@mswanalytics.com for whatever project you have.