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Increase your knowledge of your competition


A leading-edge analytics provider that allows corporations to better understand their competition, technology trends, and their marketplace.

MSW Analytics provides a wide range of custom services to both product development, technology and intellectual property firms.1 LEARN MORE

MSW Analytics approach in cost modeling is to emphasize consistency across products and comparability over time, rather than to track short-term market fluctuations. However we can statistically factor in sustained market changes. 1 LEARN MORE


MSW Analytics provides complete and accurate teardown data on over 600 products. The device teardown data is aligned in five (5) vertical market channels. These teardown products have several unique features such as high Asian content, highly accurate costs, and a fully costed BOM1 LEARN MORE


MSW Analytics provides unique analytical tools and services including reliability assessments, device and component trend analysis, and future cost estimates1 LEARN MORE


MSW Analytics full menu of available services, tools and teardown can be seen on the following website page Product Menu and Pricing
For pricing contact: sales@mswanalytics.com1

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